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  eFlect is a unique fax/email hybrid product that enables you to send your faxes to email addresses. An eFlect email broadcast can be selected by itself or sent in combination with your fax broadcast. You also can select to send these eFlects at the conclusion of your fax broadcast to extend your marketing reach. Example eFlect
  • Full digital image of fax document
  • Printable PDF version available capability
  • Extensive reports detailing the following:
    • Certified receipt including date/time messages were opened
    • Opt-out detail
  • Opt-out link with auto-list removal available at no charge
  • Additional text and links can be added
  • High bandwidth hosting
  • Inline or trackable hosted linked attachments available
  • Dual fax and email messages increase the chance of a successful communications campaign
  • Recipients are assured quick viewing
  • Opt-out link provides an easy way for non-interested parties to be removed from your database(s)
  • No additional design work needed
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